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Earth Power Singing Bowl - Mantra Five Buddha - 16cm

Earth Power Singing Bowl - Mantra Five Buddha - 16cm

SKU: TIB-110

A masterpiece for your inventory. This bowl, measuring 16cm, is handcrafted and adorned with the Mantra Five Buddha design, making it not just a musical instrument but also a work of art.

🎶 Crafted with precision for exceptional sound quality and visual appeal 

🙏 Adorned with the sacred Mantra Five Buddha design for spiritual resonance 

🤲 Handmade with care, ensuring each bowl is a unique piece of harmonic elegance

This singing bowl is perfect for meditation, relaxation, and sound therapy practices. Its rich and resonant tones create a soothing atmosphere that enhances mindfulness and spiritual experiences.

Elevate your inventory with Wholesale Earth Powder Singing Bowl - it's more than just an instrument; it's a spiritual tool that adds depth and tranquillity to any setting. 

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