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Lrg Tree of Life Singing Bowl Set- Green 14cm

Lrg Tree of Life Singing Bowl Set- Green 14cm


Large set with a two-sided stick, cushion and singing bowl. Decorated with Tree of Life and packed into a decorative box.

The tree is often portrayed as a symbol of growth, strength and connection to the natural world. 

In meditation and yoga practices, the Tree of Life singing bowl is often used to help practitioners connect with the energy of the earth and nature. The sound of the bowl is believed to align with the natural rhythms of the earth, and to bring a sense of balance and harmony. The imagery of the tree on the bowl may also serve as a visual focus for meditation and visualization practices.

Bowl size: 14x6.5 cm, weight: 0.9kg

Approx. frequency: 199 Hz

Sound - C#5 note


These esoteric instruments have been cherished for centuries in Buddhist practice, used to support meditation, induce trances, and offer prayers. These days Singing Bowls are also used in Yoga and Meditation studios as well as Buddhist ceremonies. We invite you to explore the divine sound of these special mystical treasures.  Check out the collection of ranges below.

Earth Powder: Bowls powder finished for an rustic earthy feel. Cost effective and beautiful

Engraved Tibetan Healing: High-end engraved and with beautiful authentic Tibetan inscriptions. The Best.

Nepalese Moon Bowls: Traditionally tuned on the night of a full moon. With engraved moon sign. Stunning.

Boxed Gift Sets: Popular hexagonal box sets with on trend designs, including "Yin & Yang" and "Yoga Moves".

Classic Designs: A selection of essential old favorites that have we have sold for many years.

See also our page of Singing Bowl Boxed Sets. Also A Full Range of Accessories - Sticks & Cushions Etc.

All singing bowls are crafted with care and authenticity. Often made by Tibetan monks in exile in India and Nepal. All are direct imports to ensure you receive genuine, handcrafted treasures straight from the source.

Please note: Due to the nature of these handcrafted products, sizes might slightly vary, but rest assured, every singing bowl carries its own unique charm.

Order Now and experience the magic of singing bowls for yourself!


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