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10 Best Reasons You Should Have a Bonsai Tree at Home

However, we will focus on listing the top 10 best reasons you should have a bonsai tree at home with a mind to share the love and inspiration of the tranquil beauty and profound wisdom that is deeply embedded in the ancient art of bonsai.

1 – A bonsai tree can be your lifelong best friend

Did you know that some of the oldest living bonsai trees on the planet are estimated to be 800+ years old?

With tender care and dedication, having a bonsai tree can become a treasure that you can pass on to the next generations.

A bonsai tree can easily outlive most pests such as cat and dogs, and despite being a silent companion, it can become a lifelong best friend of yours.

2 – A bonsai tree can wake up the artist inside you

When working with a bonsai tree, you will gradually but surely wake up the artist inside you.

Even though one of the toughest missions of being a bonsai tree gardener is not to leave any traces of your human touch so that the miniature tree looks as authentic and “untouched” as possible, expanding your artistic flair is simply inevitable.

Plus, a bonsai tree is always willing to work with the bonsai master, giving way to creating collaborative living art.

3 – A bonsai tree can add beauty to any space

Since a bonsai tree is kept within a very compact size, it can make a great fit to just about any space – whether it’s your home or your office.

Apart from adding beauty wherever placed, a bonsai tree will spread joy towards anyone who enters your space. It can quickly vivid the atmosphere by becoming an awesome topic for conversation or by the mere pleasure of contemplating it.

What’s more, scientists have already proved that art has amazing health benefits for both the mind and the body which proves the beauty of bonsai extends far beyond skin deep.

4 – A bonsai tree can help you train your mind

Just like regular exercising is extremely beneficial for your body, so is looking after a bonsai tree much like training for your mind.

Altogether with the consistency needed to make a bonsai tree thrive, you can read a whole array of health benefits that are deeply related to the way your mind functions and response to outer stimuli such as stress – the number one cause for disease in the 21st century.

5 – A bonsai tree can help you establish healthy habits

When discussing patience as a virtue, it might be hard to apprehend exactly what this means (or at least why is patience so important for your well-being as to be called a virtue).

But patience is a highly respected quality in Japanese culture. Learning how to be patient means you will be able to tolerate things that can take a very long time without feeling angry and/or annoyed – something that the busy pace of life and the boom of social media has made very, very difficult to achieve nowadays.

Bonsai can help you establish healthy habits by reminding you daily that life isn’t about getting everything ASAP but it’s about enjoying the sweet rewards after patiently waiting and working for them.

6 – A bonsai tree will only become more beautiful when wounded

Practising bonsai is impossible without causing a bonsai tree controlled stress and mild shock.

However, regardless of its many wounds, a bonsai tree will only become more beautiful.

Not only is this inspiring even if you are still a beginner bonsai enthusiast but it is also another important lesson you can learn from having a bonsai tree – quintessentially, that beauty is found in the tiny flaws that make us unique and authentic.

7 – A bonsai tree will make you challenge yourself and grow

Challenging yourself is a big part of having a bonsai tree – and that’s probably one of the most gorgeous aspects of being a bonsai tree gardener.

Your attitude towards failure and the obstacles you face along the fragile journey called life are not merely automated traits of your character – for the character is built throughout our entire existence as human beings – another profound lesson a bonsai tree can teach you.

8 – A bonsai tree can be grown from 400+ different plant species

Anyone can have a bonsai tree at home – even if the green thumb is not your strong side.

With over 400+ plant species that can be turned into bonsai masterpieces, it is merely a matter of personal preferences when it comes to choosing the right one for you.

9 – A bonsai tree gives you plenty of room to experiment

There are many rules and specific techniques in growing a bonsai tree. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have plenty of room to experiment.

Just let the spirit of your bonsai tree lead you – and you might just discover little-known corners of your own soul where talent and imagination reside.

10 – A bonsai tree represents human growth in a miniature

Sometimes, things are better left unsaid for language can be a source of misfortunes. Just like a bonsai tree grows, so do you grow as a human being – and isn’t this simply incredible?

Here are some more top reasons you should have a bonsai tree at home: make new friends with like-minded individuals and tune into a practice that is 2000+ years old! Like the traditional Japanese proverb goes –

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