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Cottage garden

Cottage garden is the right gardening system. Why?

As it's know proven by science plants talk with each other, and more than that exchange nutrition

Throw the root system and the symbiotic relationship with mycorrhizal

In a cottage garden the variety of different plants provide a perfect environment for plants to fight pests aphids, green fly bad fungi like rust

We must look back to what our great great grandparents did because they learn it right

The learn passed on from one generation to generation

The ancient wisdom what is right for the soil natural methods to grow products

This was the way of mother Nature they did work with nature. Not with Monsanto and profits for share holders

Which they never did even got there hands dirt with soil

How can they know what is right or wrong

We must make amendments with nature learn the lessons and look the wisdom of our great great grandparents develop their techniques to today world

When there is a need and willing anything is possible

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