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Depression vs nature

Why my interest in nature and the natural world.

In 2007 I started my path into the dark. Anxiety, stress and depression.

I started to wonder why I did have depression. After research and personal experience, I started to realise how nature and the natural world, affected me, keeping me at the surface, didn't allowing me to sink more into the abyss of depression.

As a kid, I did always enjoy and been out in the woods, among trees, swimming in the river,

Even at home, I was surrounded by nature.

Then in 2004 life changed and brings me to a concrete world I lost touch with my nature and my world and the problems started, and depression is a messy world, feeling alone, isolation thought of ending your life.

That's why I started this blog and the project to reconnect with nature

The garden Forrest my bonsais

The Garden Forest project involves studying the project I want 100% natural resources and using nature only from Mycorrhizae fungui to recreate a forest, garden, orchard, all this mixture and creating a perfect environment to nature biodiversity and us.

We lost the links with nature, I lost the link and almost cost me.

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