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For the Earth of our dreams, let's rise together.

65 million years ago, an asteroid killed 75% of life on Earth. Today we're facing another mass extinction -- but this time, the asteroid is us. Humanity has now destroyed two-thirds of the world's rainforests, half the coral reefs, and 87% of all wetlands. Now a million species are howling on the sharp edge of extinction. We couldn't stop the last mass die-off, but we can stop this one.

Because Earth can't wait anymore. For the bees, birds, bears, and every strand in the fragile web of life

For nature to regenerate, and to save our planet's life-support systems, we have to protect half the Earth -- and we need a global treaty to enforce action.

Ultimately, this is about survival. What happens to the natural world, happens to us all. We are not separate from nature; we are part of it, connected to the very trees, rivers, and oceans that are being decimated. But we also have the power to change course. Our fragile Earth needs a voice. We can't miss this opportunity to fight for life on Earth -- and with your support, we can do it.

With endless hope and wild determination -- always,

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