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Help Save Our Bees today

As you read this, 35% of UK bees face extinction. Bees' disappearance will trigger a devastating cycle of events for our wildlife, environment and the food we eat. I'm doing everything I can to stop this happening. But as a charity we need your support.

Join us, and together we can Save Our Bees before it’s too late.

So much of our wildlife depends on bees to survive. If bee numbers decline, so too do other pollinators, like hoverflies, small birds and mammals.

1 in 10 species of UK wildlife are already facing extinction. If we allow bees to disappear this will only get worse. Together we can stop this tragedy and help bees thrive

The reality is, much of the food we eat depends on natural pollination.

Without pollinators, the cost of our food will spiral, making it even more unaffordable for so many people to eat healthily.

By planting trees and allowing wild plants to flourish. This provides the food bees need and creates habitats for wildlife.

On average, for every 10% increase in bee-friendly habitats, we see bee and wildlife numbers increase by a third!

Helping farmers grow their crops without the pesticides that have been killing bees in vast numbers.

Your support will help us continue to do this and lobby the government, so they don’t reverse a recent ban on bee-harming pesticides.

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