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Nature and mental health

Shenron Organization

I'm based in Warwick and it's a nonprofit organisation

I will be registering as a charity in do course

My project is based on the Nature and our mental health this is a subject that is accept by the NHS and the government with article published in the UK gov website

My project envolve campaign in the regeneration of the UK gardening in creating a full established ecosystem from the mycelium and mycorrhizal fungi to bushes trees ground cover creating a home for biodiversity wildlife and our mental health

With the tree and green area being more and more cut down for building the gardens are taking a extreme importance for the conservation of biodiversity conservation of wildlife and our mental health as it's already proven by studies

Now we must campaign so people understand the importance of the gardens, every square cm is important and with more building happening every day more important they are becoming as the natural space becomes less available, the gardens become the last resource for wildlife biodiversity and ecosystem also our mental health

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