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Save Trees

Save Trees

“If you cut a tree, you kill a life. If you save a tree, you save a life. If you plant a tree, you plant a life.”

Trees and plants are the basic necessities of our life. They are the reason we are breathing freely today. But we are not as smart as evolution proves. For the last few hundred years we have been cutting trees, plants, polluting oceans containing algae, causing huge forest fires etc. we have been destroying the main source and reason for our survival. We have been saying it’s time for a long time but we haven’t taken any action. It’s time to start taking steps to save what is left of the green heaven.

How To Prevent The Deforestation:

Deforestation means clearing a wide area of trees. That is cutting down huge amounts of trees or parts of forests to make way for buildings, roads, furniture, agriculture etc.

The answer to how can we prevent deforestation might look easy but the journey is a hard one here are simple ways through which we can help the cause.

Go paperless – the world is very digitally advanced right now. From books to notes everything can be done on your phone, so why not go paperless? It requires 24 trees to make 1 ton of paper. That paper too is mostly single used. Once used and then thrown. 80% of the time it is not recycled. Thus making the life of those 24 trees gone to waste. Using digital devices instead of paper has huge advantages. It saves trees of course. Digital platforms help in identifying mistakes and suggesting better words. You can easily add pictures and videos which would not have been in a hard copy. It can easily be emailed and transferred within minutes whereas sending through post might take a few days. The waste would also be reduced consequently and the space needed to store the paper can now be used for something else. It will be easier to carry and will be more secure than a hard copy. Reduce/ Reuse / Recycle – These cannot be stressed enough. The 3 Rs. might hold the key to a better environment. Reduce using things you don’t need anymore. Like paper dishes, cups, stationery. Don’t waste such products, use only as much as you require. Reuse products like bottles, containers, papers etc. for example Indian culture has this amazing way of reusing. We save any container or polythene bag we find for future use. This may sound like hoarding a lot of unnecessary items but it is eco friendly and helpful in the long run. Indian culture is also very forward in recycling products. We have people who go home to home collecting items like tires, papers, furniture, newspapers, milk bags etc. and they take those items and give money in exchange. Those items are then sold to factories and industries for use. This promotes recycling among people. Awareness among people – You may be doing your part but other people, the underprivileged ones don’t know how dire the situation is. Spreading awareness by organizing camps, rallies; educating children and adults in slum areas by making posters for save trees and drawing for save trees, by writing save trees with the slogan; rallying against big industrialists who are responsible for cutting off parts of forests etc. are some ways we can make sure the impact is stronger and long-lasting. Reduce meat consumption – now this may sound odd but yes eating meat causes lots of deforestation as large areas of land need to be cleared to feed livestock. It is the single biggest cause of deforestation in Brazil, especially in the Amazon forests. People burn acres of forest to feed livestock. Consuming meat might be the single most cause that will lead to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. If you eat less meat, less land will be needed to feed the livestock and thus fewer trees will be cut. Planting trees- Deforestation means cutting off trees so its opposite is Afforestation or planting of trees. The obvious solution of course is planting more and more trees every year. India should be proud to be hosting one of the most massive tree-planting programs in the world. In UP in 2016, 50 million trees were planted in a year. This was a world record! Yes, there is some positivity and hope in all these clouds of toxic gases. But we should also keep in mind that planting trees is another thing but we also need to make sure those trees survive. We need to take care of those trees, water them, save them from diseases and pests, give fertilisers etc. It is not a one day job it takes years for a sapling to become a tree. So be patient and don’t give up. It is after all for the future of the planet.

Save trees to save earth and life

We know our and millions of other organism’s lives depend on the environment around us and on the trees. We have been selfish for centuries now by using the trees for our benefit and our luxuries. We never took into account the needs of birds, animals, even aquatic organisms. They all need trees for their survival. They can’t speak but they too experience the pain when their homes are cut down and their living threatened. We know that we don’t solely depend on trees for a living, we also depend on other organisms and that is also known as the food cycle. Even if one link of the cycle is broken it can cause devastation for the entire cycle depending on it. And trees are the sole perpetrators

of the cycle. Killing them disrupts the cycle to a very high level. Causing mass extinctions and threatening human life.

We can look at it selfishly, we can look at it selflessly, but saving the earth by preventing deforestation and saving trees is the only way life will survive on earth.

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