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What to do with the excess 6 billion humans

the Shenron organization project

this project started in 2009,

I moved to this house in 2008 straightway after moved in I realise how poor the dirt/soil was in the garden, no organic matter at all.

this house was built in the 60ist, the neighbours said the garden was planted, so why no organic matter.

as I started to dig the garden I notice how sterile it was no matter at all just clay, construction rubble and that was it.

I started to add organic matter but took it, 14 years to start getting consistence, to see the progress I want, mycelium forming

of course, I planted a few trees 14 years ago now tall as the house,

in 2002 I decided to create my forest garden, the idea behind the Shenron project

so the Shenron project is

1 forest garden

2 conservation

with humans taking more and more land for houses, roads, farming and other buildings for human activities, human activities in general. back gardens are becoming of extreme importance for the very life on the planet, and our survival too with climate change.

3 soil conservation

creates a perfect environment, self-sustain soil

when life started on the planet the very first organisms were fungi

today science is finding the connection the relation between the plants, and how plants communicate they even exchange nutrients, and they look after saplings not just their own. throw the mycelium.

4 mycelium is the wide world web in the nature but more than like that they share resources

-so how does all this have to do with a small garden in an urban area.

join and follow me on my blog I will show you how

if we want to reconnect with nature, stop climate change, preserve the biodiversity of our planet, and save human population, everything.

the human population is 7,953,952,577, According to the UN

We have only one Earth. Today, the 7.9 billion people on it are using more of its resources than it can provide. Every new person is a new consumer, adding to that demand. Some of us take far more than others and there are many steps those of us who do must take to make our consumption sustainable. Fewer new consumers everywhere are one of them.

we are using the resources of 1.7 Earths at the moment and by 2050 of 3 Earths this is unsustainable and must change, just must change

the planet has resources for a sustainable human population of 2 billion but we are 7.9 billion

every cm in your garden is important for the global health of the planet we must have natural garden not design not paved or artificial grass

we need to have a seven-layer natural of vegetation

mix vegetation no single plantation borders but a mix.

But we must act now

join and follow me on my blog I will show you how

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