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what we must do to save our self's

with the land on our "home" planet being taken by agriculture, buildings, and roads, the back gardens of our homes became essential for saving our planet and ourselves. to save ourselves we must plants trees. get rid of slave's artificial grass, and plant a tree, two, or 10 even better you got the image.

or like me plant a forest garden, and that's what we all should be doing. creating a habitat for biodiversity, a place for us to find well-being, reconnect with nature and highlight our spirit

in India and Pakistan these last days the temperature reaches 50c, yes you read it right.

climate change is here and we must act now,

we must stop destroying the rainforests now, we overproduce products all we must do is distribute better

we must stop using fossil oil now because we are killing ourselves and destroying the planet, and we have alternatives, the universe's energy hydrogen the fuel of the stars. we can use it for keeping our homes warm, for cooking, as fuel for our cars and planes, we have been using this technology since the second world war, for decades in the space programmes. why we aren't using yet as general fuel, money, yes money, the profits of the greedy corporations where our politicians have the shares

yes the technology may need improving but when the human resolve gets together nothing can stop it, like the coronavirus vaccine humans got together and was achieved before all expectations.

we have options we have the resources we must send the message to the politicians

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